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Okhrimchuk Grushyn Khandurin Law Firm is recognised in the IFLR1000

  The Firm

Okhrimchuk Grushyn Khandurin Law Firm (OGK) was established in 2006 and has combined abundant practical experience of the firm’s partners in the area of legal support of foreign and Ukrainian clients in various types of transactions. In our practice we make all efforts to seek perfection and be of use for our clients, rely on the professionalism of our team and the experience we have acquired in order to make the world a better place for our clients and the community. These are the main reasons why our clients have stayed with us for years, and why new clients entrust their legal business to Okhrimchuk Grushyn Khandurin Law Firm
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  The Team

OGK lawyers have great experience in advising banks and financial institutions, including foreign lending organizations, on a full range of financial transactions. The attorneys specialize in both private and sovereign borrowings and lending. Our lawyers successfully represent interests of legal entities and individuals in courts of all instances in disputes on corporate and intellectual issues. Our lawyers advise on economic law, international law, foreign investments, land law and real estate.
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  Practice areas

Okhrimchuk Grushyn Khandurin Law Firm specializes in the areas of banking and structured finance, litigation and arbitration, M&A, foreign investments, real estate and land law.
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The lawyers of Okhrimchuk Grushyn Khandurin Law Firm supported and led international financing and capital placement transactions with the participation of the following leading players of the international finance market: Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, ING Bank, Rabobank International, Deutsche Bank AG, and other international banks, financial institutions. Among our clients are the following Ukrainian and foreign companies More Information


The latest activities and recent transactions supported by OGK lawyers.

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